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Cost of Studying in Mauritius


Cost of Studying in Mauritius

Mauritius, a country known for its aesthetic beaches, is also the home to affordable education. Despite being a less popular study destination, Mauritius has the highest enrollment rate in Africa. Due to this, thousands of international students try their luck in securing admission to one of many Mauritius universities. If you’re also planning to go to Mauritius for studying, you must be prepared to avoid any hassle that may arrive during your stay. For this reason alone, you must know the cost of studying in Mauritius before even applying for intake. In this blog, we are going to tell you the approximate cost of studying in Mauritius and what you can do to avoid any financial hassle.

Cost of Studying in Mauritius - An Overview

The most interesting thing about Mauritius's education system is that there’s no separate fee structure for international students. Local and international students pay the same amount of fees in both public and private universities. The academic fees of UG courses range from 2,80,000 INR to 6,50,000 INR annually. Furthermore, the academic fees of PG courses range from 2,50,000 INR to 11,00,000 INR annually.

Apart from academic fees, you also have to pay for your shelter, food, and, and other expenses. The rent of accommodation depends on where you live. On average, you may have to spend around 30k every month to spend a decent life while studying in Mauritius. For emergency purposes, you must consider adding some money to your budget.

How to Manage Your Finance While Studying?

Financial health is quite important while studying abroad. You must consider following these tips to ensure you manage your finance easily while studying in Mauritius:

  • ✔ Make a budget by considering every small and big expense.
  • ✔ Track every expense and make sure you don’t overspend a lot.
  • ✔ Find or share a room as per your finances.
  • ✔ Talk to other Indian students to understand if you’re underspending or overspending.
  • ✔ Don’t make small transactions while converting Indian currency into Mauritius currency.
  • ✔ Apply for scholarships provided by universities.
  • ✔ Find a job if possible.

By following these tips, you can easily bare your expenses while studying in Mauritius.

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