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Cost of studying in UK


Cost of studying in UK

Choosing to study in the UK might be the finest decision you can make for yourself. However, before planning everything, you've definitely had some thoughts about how much it'll cost you to study in the UK? Or say, what is the cost of studying in UK?

So here are we; this guide is for you if you're dreaming of pursuing your higher studies in the UK. This guide covers all expense factors, and you'll definitely walk away from here with reliable study cost estimates.

Expense factors: Overview

There are mainly 3 expense factors you've to cover to plan your finances for studying in the UK. They are:-

Pre-application Expenditures

Post admission Expenditures

Living Costs

Moreover, they further also have some expense factors; everything is given below:

Pre-application expenditures

Factor Cost/Year
GMAT or GRE (Only for students pursuing masters) Rs.15800 to Rs.18500
IELTS or TOEFL Rs.13500 to Rs.15000
UK application form Rs.7500 to Rs.15000
Total Pre-application Expenditure (Est) Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000

Post admission expenditures

Factor Cost/Year
Tuition fees (varies by Institution and type of programme) Rs.14,50,000 to Rs.40,00,000
UK student Visa Rs.34999 (At Enrol)
Deposited Bank balance Rs.131000
Health Insurance Rs.45000 (for Tier-4 Student Visa)
Travel Expense Rs.25000 to Rs.70000
Total Post-Admission Expenditures (Est.) Rs.16,50,000 to Rs.42,00,000

Living Cost

Factor Cost/Month
Household bills Rs.4000 to Rs.5000
Food and Groceries Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000
Miscellaneous Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000
Estimated Living costs (depends on lifestyle) Rs.75,000 to Rs.80,000

Final sum

From all the above, we gave you an overlook of how much it can cost you to study in the UK. By this, Enrol has made sure that you can plan your finances right away with this guide. Moreover, when summing up all expense factors, you can think of it your expenses chart as follows:

  • Initial Expenses: Rs.40 000 to Rs.75, 000
  • Living Costs:Rs.75 000 to Rs.80 000 per month (excluding fees expenses)
  • Fees expenses:Rs.1,37,500 to Rs.3,50,000 Per month (It can be paid quarterly and yearly too)

Moreover, you can head to Enrol for a more in-deep and accurate estimate of studying in the UK. Experts are always ready for you at Enrol. Call us and book your session now!

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