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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why study for a master's in Mauritius?

Despite being a less popular study destination among students, Mauritius still has the highest university enrollment rates in entire Africa. Studying master's in Mauritius is very beneficial as it’s quite affordable plus you get to meet people from different cultures and nations. Experience-wise, studying in Mauritius makes a lot of sense. Degree and diplomas earned in Mauritius are acceptable everywhere.

2. How much does it cost to study in Mauritius?

Academic fees in Mauritius are quite low as international students are asked to pay the same amount of fees as local students pay. Students have to pay around 2.8 lac to 6.5 lac INR per annum for undergraduate programs in Science, Management, and, Arts.

3. Is Mauritius good for international students?

Mauritius is one of the countries where international students can seek admission without much competition. The amalgamation of many cultures in the University and the recognition of the Mauritius degree are a few of many reasons which tell us that it’s a good place for international students.

4. Can I work and study in Mauritius?

International students with student visas are permitted to work while studying in Mauritius. The authority has only allowed students to do part-time jobs, which means that students can work upto 20 hours a week. Once you get the shelter, you also get residence status in the country which allows you to find part-time jobs to ensure you can meet your expenses easily during your stay.

5. Which course is best in Mauritius?

Some of the top courses in Mauritius are business studies, design, economy, management, social sciences, tourism and hospitality, and technology studies. Apart from this, you can also pursue courses of your choice easily as the acceptance rate in Mauritius is quite high.

6. How much do students earn in Mauritius?

Students are allowed to work only upto 20 hours a week. Due to this, the possibility to earn while studying is quite limited. On average, a student can make around $200-$500 in a month if he/she chooses to work for 20 hours a week.

7. Is the University of Mauritius Recognised internationally?

The University of Mauritius is one of the most renowned institutions in entire Africa. Every awards and degree given by University to students are acceptable internationally.

8. How Many International Students Are There in Mauritius?

Over 2000 international students are studying in Mauritius. It’s slowly and steadily becoming one of the favourite destinations to study in Africa.

9. Do I need a work visa for Mauritius?

Students can earn while studying in Mauritius. As soon as they get their apartment or any shelter, they get their residence status. With that, you don’t need any special permission to do a part-time job in the country.

10. How many universities are in Mauritius?

There are around 30 universities in Mauritius, and `each of them is recognized by the Mauritius education ministry. Having said that, these 30 universities provide more than 250 different courses which ensure that students who want to study abroad have enough options to choose from.

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