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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is studying Singapore affordable?

Singapore's education is immensely popular and more student-centric in comparison of European or North American countries. Despite that, many people choose the forementioned countries as the cost of living in Singapore is much higher. International students planning to study in Singapore should opt to study in Singapore only for some professional courses.

2. How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

To study in Singapore, international students may have to give S$ 400 – S$ 800 per month in form of university fees. If someone goes to a top-ranked Singaporean university, the fees would go high.Furthermore, people also needs to pay for their meals, shelter, and other expenses. For detailed information, check Cost of Study In Singapore.

3. Can I study in Singapore without paying tuition fees?

Unlike other countries, Singapore's education is economical and best suited for students all over the world. With this, one must acknowledge the fact that there’s no chance that international students can get free education in the country. Only deserving native students are facilitated with free education in Singapore.

4. How can I study after 12 in Singapore?

International students or Indian students must have a student pass if they are willing to study in Singapore after the 12th. The countries allow the intake of international students in various universities for various commerce and non-medical college programs. To secure a seat in one of the prestigious colleges of Singapore, one must complete their 12th with good marks, take the required test, apply for admission to one of the Singaporean universities and have all the relevant documents. Once any of the Singaporean university invites students, students are asked to show that they have enough funds in their savings account.

5. How much money a student can earn in Singapore?

Students with student pass in Singapore can apply for part-time jobs in Singapore and can earn more or less S$ 10 per day.

6. Where do foreign students stay in Singapore?

In most cases, average international students take the shelter in common residences, private hostels, or private housing.

7. What are the requirements to study in Singapore?

These are the documents that you may require to study in Singapore:

  • 1. A valid passport
  • 2. Completed student application form
  • 3. Visa fee receipt
  • 4. Employment history
  • 5. Proof of funds
  • 6. Two passport size photos
  • 7. Statement of Purpose
  • 8. Academic certificates
  • 9. Health insurance
  • 10. Proof of English proficiency
  • 11. Student's bio-data

8. Do I need IELTS to study in Singapore?

Almost every university in Singapore allows international student to get admission in program of their choice without IELTS OR TOEFL score. Other alternatives ensure admission to Singapore for various courses.

9. How long does it take to get a Singapore student visa?

Usually, it takes around 10 days to process the Singapore student visa application. Besides that, the July-August session is pretty hectic and the application process may take a longer time.

Can I study in Singapore after the 10th?

Indian students can apply for admission in Singapore after the 10th. They can either opt for diploma-level courses or can go for A levels.

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