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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum bank balance necessary for a UK student visa?

Until you've arrived in the UK with a legal visa for at least 12 months upon that time of your application, you'll need to prove you have had enough money to sustain yourself. Your financial needs will depend on where you will study. See our Cost of Study in the UK page for more details.

2. What to do to Study in the UK without IELTS?

Some institutions in the UK do not necessitate IELTS results from overseas applicants if your earlier learning was completed in English or if you have achieved the baseline required grades in English.

3. What are the steps to studying in the UK after the 12th grade?

If someone wishes to begin their study abroad experience directly after high school, the UK offers a variety of alternatives. It offers something for everyone, regardless of educational background or expertise. Reach us at Enrol for more queries and expert assistance.

4. How many study intakes exist in the UK?

In the UK, there are two primary intakes for overseas students. Firstly, during winters, January/February. Aside from it, the second intake takes place in September/October, students find this period more viable since more course options are available.

5. Is it possible to study for free in the UK?

The UK has long been known amongst overseas students as a highly sophisticated study abroad location. However, this isn't always the case. There are no institutions that offer free studies in the UK as there are in Norway or Germany. However, there are completely funded scholarships. They don't just cover tuition but also help students with living costs as well as other expenditures.

6. Why Study at UK Universities?

The campuses of the UK are world frontrunners in teaching and learning, notably in higher education. When it comes to quality learning everywhere in the globe, Oxford and Cambridge have always been the pinnacle of status. Not just these two but a lot of other academic institutions have consistently ranked among the world's best universities.
You can select the UK undoubtedly; the institutions of the country focus on providing the finest training with world-class amenities. CLICK here to access more details about Studying in the UK.

7. How much percentage is needed to study in the UK?

The minimum requirement for admission to the humanities branch will be 65 percent in class XII or 70 to 80 percent in science/commerce if in class XII. Moreover, the Basic and Diploma program is open to students with grades below 60%.

8. Why is the UK the first choice for Indian students?

As per surveys, the UK is one of the top Indian student destinations. The reason behind it is the availability of world-class academic standards and credible certifications. The UK normally comes first in everyone's thoughts whenever it comes to studying in a good environment. Moreover, their list of amenities is endless; check out study in the UK for more details.

9. What is the cost of studying in the UK?

Planning the finances is the foremost thing which should be considered while travelling abroad for studies or anything. Studying in the UK depends on various expense factors such as pre-application expenses, post-admission expenses, living costs, etc. Plan your finances now; CLICK here to open a full cost chart with accurate estimates.

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