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FAQs on Intakes in Ireland

1. Which intake is best for Ireland?

Irish Universities always show a lot of keenness in welcoming students from all around the world in search of world-class education. There are mainly two intakes in Ireland, autumn and spring intakes. Out of these two, spring intake is quite famous among international students. Spring Intake takes place in January and provides admission opportunities for more courses. It also has a better acceptance rate and also ensures better chances of placement post studies.

2. What are the semesters in Ireland?

In Ireland, most universities divide an academic year into two or three semesters. They also conduct semester exams and inherit modules to make exams stress-free for every student. By doing so, they give more flexibility to students as they don’t have to rely on one exam in an academic year to increase their overall score.

3. Is Ireland expensive to study?

Ireland is one beautiful country in Europe and has world-class education institutions. Due to that, getting admission to Ireland is quite competitive as well as expensive. The country ensures free education for some graduate programmes for students coming from EU and EEA nations. If someone from India is planning to go to study in Ireland, it’s most expensive.

4. Is a 3-year degree accepted in Ireland?

If you’re planning to do masters in Ireland, you’re required to do a four-year bachelor’s programme. Besides that, Ireland also relaxes these criteria a bit by allowing students with three-year degrees to enrol in a master’s programme. For 3-year degree holders, the choices are limited in Ireland.

5. Does Ireland give PR?

If someone’s seeking to get PR in Ireland, they must ensure that they check every eligibility criteria box before applying for the same. One of the most important criteria is that one needs to work in Ireland for five continuous years under legal work authorisation to apply for PR in Ireland.

6. Is IELTS required for Ireland?

Yes, international students must clear IELTS to get admission to Irish Universities. Without IELTS, one cannot even get through student-visa procedures. The minimum IELTS grade depends on the university and courses one applies for.

7. What is level 10 qualification in Ireland?

In Ireland, post-graduation is often regarded as a level 10 qualification. If someone’s is on level 10, it means he/she has cleared graduate and post-graduate programmes and is ready to apply for further studies like a PhD.

7. How much bank balance is required for Ireland student visa?

The minimum bank balance that is needed to get a student visa in Ireland is 10,000 euros. While applying for a student visa, students/parents have to prove that they have enough funds to sustain college years in Ireland.

8. Is Ireland better than Canada?

Canada and Ireland are both top-rated countries in the world when it comes to abroad studies. As Canada ranks higher in the safety and human development index, it’s safe to say that most of the students prefer Canada over Ireland.

9. Which is the cheapest university in Ireland?

The cheapest universities in Ireland are the National College of Ireland, Maynooth University, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Cork Institute of Technology, University of Limerick, etc. We suggest you check with universities and ask them for brochures to get more clear insights.

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