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Intakes in Ireland

Intakes in Ireland - Everything That You Want to Know

Ireland is one of the most prominent countries when it comes to abroad studies. People from all around the world seek admission to top-tier universities in Ireland. The most obvious reason behind this notion is that Ireland is comparatively less expensive when compared to other European countries. Besides that, students also get many opportunities to make their careers in research, engineering, medicine, etc. With over 30 education institutions, Ireland lures thousands of students from India.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you must know before applying for admission to any Irish University.

How many Intakes in Ireland for Indian Students?

Ireland has a very rich educational aspect to its name, with over 5 institutes being featured in Top QS World University Rankings. Due to this, many students from India want to get into one of the Irish Universities to avail world-class education and an atmosphere where they can thrive easily. Unlike India, Ireland conducts admission through two intakes. These intakes are often known as Autumn and Spring Intakes, respectively and enable students to fancy their chances in getting admission in desired course and college.

In some Irish colleges, intakes are also called semesters. Let’s dig into these intakes and get to know important things in detail.

First Intake (Autumn Intake/Semester): The very first intake in Ireland usually takes place in early September and goes till December. The autumn intake only allows admission in some courses and is least popular among both intakes.

Second Intake (Spring Intake/Semester): The second intake is also known as Spring Intakes. Ireland conducts this intake from late January till May. As this intake goes for longer period of time, students get the option to choose from very wide range of courses and institutions. Due to this, it becomes the favourite intake of Ireland among International Students.

Step by Step Guide on Studying in Ireland’s Autumn and Spring Intakes

  • 1. Start early, do your research about universities, fees structure, eligibility criteria, programme details, etc.
  • 2. Take language exam 3-4 months before the intake to ensure you are eligible for student visa.
  • 3. Once completed, start applying in desired courses and universities. Let university know that you’re keen to study in that university. Pay the non-refundable fees on time and don not wait for the deadline if you have already made up your mind.
  • 4. Apply for education loan if needed. Also, get student visa.
  • 5. Book your flight ticket and you’re good to go.

Which Intake You Should Choose?

Choosing the right intake on your own is quite challenging. That’s why we are here to help you out in taking this important decision. Some of the factors that you may consider before choosing intake in Ireland are as follows:

  • 1. Availability of Programme
  • 2. Availability of Seats in Desired University
  • 3. Requirement of Academic Records
  • 4. Rate of Acceptance
  • 5. Job Opportunities
  • 6. Availability of Documents

Furthermore, choosing the right intake also depends on your financial situations. While some Indians prefer September Intake while other prefers January Intake. The best intake that you can opt for is the intake you opt for and get admission too. Wait patiently, and make sure you have every documents before you apply for admission through intakes in Ireland.

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