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Intakes in Mauritius

Intakes in Mauritius: Important Details for Students

Mauritius, a country near the Indian Ocean, is home to many world-class education institutions. This aesthetic island is not just about its beaches and forests as students from all around the world seek admission to Mauritius. The affordable yet top-rated education system of the country makes it an ideal choice for Indian students. The similarity in culture, the prominent use of the English language, the opportunity to earn while studying, and pleasant weather make it an ideal country to study in for international students.

As many students seek admission in Mauritius, it can be competitive to some extent to secure a seat in any Mauritius university. To ensure that you don’t miss out on your mission, you must know all the details regarding study and Intake in Mauritius. Feel free to read the article to understand critical details about Intake in Mauritius.

How Many Intakes Are There in Mauritius?

To study in Mauritius, students have to go through the whole process to get admission to their desired course and college. That’s why knowing about intakes beforehand becomes more important. As once you know the dates of admission, you can plan accordingly by arranging the requirements on time. Intakes in Mauritius take place twice a year. The names of these intakes are Fall and Winter Intakes. Out of these two, fall intake provides better chances of admission as it has more courses and maximum colleges. If you’re unable to secure a seat in the fall or you don’t want to start your abroad studies in the fall, you can apply in winter as well if the desired course is still open. Furthermore, the fall intake starts in September and the winter intake starts in January.

Through these intakes, a student can seek admission to various under graduation, post- graduation, and PhD programmes. If you’re someone who wants to pursue a career in Business studies, hospitality, or social sciences, Mauritius can be one of the best places to start your education abroad. Also, you must ensure that you get all the required documents plus a student visa on time to ensure you can make it to the intake of your choice without any issues.

Requirements to Study in Mauritius for Indian Students

Unlike other countries, Mauritius doesn’t demand Indian students to show their marks secured in language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, or SAT exams. All you need to have is the documents mentioned in the list below:

  • 1. Academic transcripts and 12th mark sheet for UG courses
  • 2. UG degree if you’re applying for PG courses
  • 3. Passport-size photo
  • 4. Passport
  • 5. Motivation letter
  • 6. SOP
  • 7. LORs
  • 8. CV
  • 9. Financial Resources Prove

As criteria depend on the course and college you want to get into, you must check with college administrations to ensure you get proper information regarding every criterion you need to meet before applying for intakes in Mauritius. If you fail to arrange all the documents mentioned above, you don’t need to feel low as you can apply again in the next intake. To make sure it doesn’t happen, you must keep your eye on the universities noticeboard.

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