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Study in Malaysia

The country of Malaysia is excellent and an affordable option if you're planning to study abroad. From business studies to engineering to academics, you can find numerous programme options for any field of study.

Malaysia is already spending millions on the development of its education sector. The country already houses more than 100 world-class institutions for students. Moreover, Malaysia can be a great option if you're looking to pursue a career in any form of business studies or engineering. Aside from it, the country also features quality programmes for Law, Information technology, Economics, and Arts.

Why study in Malaysia?

✔ Top-notch safety

✔ Reasonable living costs

✔ Easy student visa processing

✔ Widely Acceptable Certifications

✔ Presence of the finest educators

✔ Quality packed affordable programmes

✔ Availability of Programmes for In-demand skills such as digital marketing, AI and ML

Education system of Malaysia

Malaysia's education system is divided into five stages: Pre-school Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Pre-university/Matriculation and Post-Secondary Education. Another distinctive feature is the Malaysian education board's short-term programmes.

Tenure of primary programmes:

● Under-graduation programmes – Minimum 3 year

● Post-graduation programmes – Minimum 2 years

● Doctorate programmes – Minimum 3 years

● Diploma programmes - Minimum 1 year

All you need to study in Malaysia

Students who desire to study in Canada must bring some documents, including a student visa and an offer letter from any certified university in Malaysia. The following is a list of all required academic and travel documents.

Best cities of Malaysia for students

Kuala Lumpur
George Town
Johor Bharu
Subang Jaya
Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya
  • ● LOR and SOPs
  • ● Offer letter from any university of Malaysia
  • ● Letter of Eligibility
  • ● Errorless and valid Passport
  • ● Academic transcripts and certifications
  • ● Certifications of English proficiency
  • ● Health declaration form
  • ● Proof of English proficiency
Student Visa

It is the most crucial stage in achieving your goal. A student is required a legally authorized endorsement to study in Malaysia. This serves as proof of permission and eligibility to study in Malaysia.

This procedure can be time-consuming. However, Enrol has made it simple for you by bridging all the gaps for a successful run. You can easily obtain student visa applications and the necessary guidance from us. Make an appointment right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Malaysia's education board includes some of the world's well-established study institutions, delivering education from decades. The country is ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in management, academia, and engineering.

  • ● University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
  • ● Universiti Kebangsaan, Bangi Selangor
  • ● University Putra, Serdang
  • ● Universiti Sains, George Town
  • ● University Utara Malaysia Kedah

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