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Let’s pack your seats. Enrol is ready to take you to the other side of IELTS. Join and start preparing now. Get all your doubts solved by world-class tutors. The value-packed study material has also been curated for you to make it all easy. And, the extraordinary thing is, we'll help you get from basic to advance in the language by taking mock tests on a routine basis. In brief, you're just a click away from taking off your IELTS exam

✔ Programmes for both classes, namely General and Academic. ✔ Discussions, Debates, and many more other activities.
✔ Practice interviews
✔ Practice interviews
✔ Video recordings of modules


A distinction that will make you stand out in applications. Let's crack TOEFL. Hey mate, you're on the right way to score 100+ in the TOEFL exam. Here’s how we will make you cross the bridge with our TOEFL coaching.

✔ Endless TOEFL Practice tests for the preparation. ✔ Fully curated study material prepared by analyzing previous TOEFL assessments.
✔ Language enhancing activities like Debates and Discussions.
✔ 24/7 expert guidance
✔ Routine doubt clearing sessions
✔ Teaching by finest educators


Let’s add an outstanding accomplishment to your profile. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam is not an easy undertaking. But, we’re are here to make sort the way for you.

How will we?
✔ By assisting you to make best preparations
✔ By giving quality education for understanding
✔ By our world-class educators
✔ By around a clock assistance
✔ By our taking basic to advanced mock PTE exams ✔ And via our many more amenities developed specifically for PTE study Reach Enrol for further information.


You’re at the right place as we’re also looking to make you cross the bridge of the Duolingo test. You're just a click away from getting access to world-class educators and their assistance. In addition, a test is going to become easier for you. Why? Because we have recently prepared world-class Duolingo Study material and mock tests, which can easily help you ace the test with 140+ marks in the Duolingo test. Enrol now!


Spoken English

Are you confused about finding the best English teacher for you? Well, your search ends here. Click below to enroll in best-in-class spoken English programmes and become proficient in English speaking. For more advancement, mock tasks, activities like debates, and discussion sessions will also be arranged alongside learning to make you ace in English speaking. Join now!


Spoken German

“Lassen Sie es uns meistern”
No need to get confused about the phrase. It means ‘let’s ace it’ in German. To do that, you are just a click away from accessing top-notch German language learning programmes. What about perks?

Here are they,

✔ Language enhancing activities like debates, discussions and skits
✔ Learning from professional educators of field
✔ Access to the best-curated study material
✔ German Vocabulary lists

Spoken French

“Allons français”
Or say ''let's go French'', with our top-of-the-line French learning programmes. It's time to add one of the widely spoken languages, French, to your profile. To make it all accessible, Enrol is here with best-in-class French language course focused on making you obtain proficiency in ‘French’. Click for further information.



Let's undertake successful implantation of OET in your profile with the best programmes. Occupational English Test (OET) is an essential certification for any medical professional. It's not an easy undertaking. However, we are ready to take your stress bags. Click below and enroll in the best programmes for OET exam preparation.

✔ Access to OET study material
✔ Guidance from professional educators
✔ Preparation enhancing mock tests
✔ Routinely doubt solving sessions


An essential for nursing professionals, CGFNS is a path towards attaining a license of nursing proficiency. CGFNS exam is the most prominent way to book your seat in NCLEX. Let's start your success run with our world-class programmes designed by experts for you. Click below, and you're all set to get access to value-packed study materials, world-class educators, concise learning modules and many more. Reach us or click below for more details.



An extensive career milestone to boost your nursing career, NCLEX is not too complex if you’re with us. Let’s pack your bags and get ready to change your career winds with NCELX preparation. Just click and get access to the all-round NCLEX programme covering all concepts thoroughly.

✔ Frequent doubt solving sessions
✔ Learning from the finest educators
✔ Comprehensive study material
✔ Tailored preparation guidance
✔ Preparation enhancing Mock tests
✔ Constant feedback for lacking lessons


Are you ready to break the ground of the OSCE exam? Click and Enrol in our top-notch OSCE exam preparation programmes. Join now and avail the best study modules, educators, mock tests and many more! In addition, OSCE mock tests are prepared by analyzing the previous OSCE's assessments to give you the upper hand at OSCE. Click below for further information.

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