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Study in Australia

Australia, a country with one of the best education systems globally, has now opened the doors for international students wholeheartedly. Moreover, the education system is strengthened by the presence of world-class educators and extensively developed standards of the board.

Owing to all this, Australia has remained successful in making its place in the top 10 education systems of the world. In 2021, Australia accounted for nearly 7 lakh+ international enrolments, more than double since 2017. The Australian education board has accommodated amenities for all fields of study. A student wishing to pursue studies in Management, Engineering, Finance, MBBS, Law, or Academics can now choose Australia without any second thinking.


Why Study in Australia

✔ Pleasing weather

✔ Numerous scholarship policies

✔ Affordable student programmes

✔ The student population of many lands. India especially

✔ Permission to work for particular hours along with studies

✔ Availability of some of the finest universities across the world

Education system of Australia

The Australian education system is straightforward and affordable. The system consists of four levels: Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary education. In simpler words, Tertiary education can be referred to as higher education. Higher education operates on the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), the world's most well-defined framework for higher education. The programmes for the same are as follows.

Programs of Australia education.

● Diploma programmes – 1 to 2 years

● Associated Degrees/Advanced Diploma – 2 years

● Bachelor's degrees – 3 to 4 years

● Master’s degrees – 1 to 4 years

● Doctorate or PhD. – 3 to 4 years

All you need to study in Australia

Applying to study in Australia is an advanced process. Though, the processing requires a student visa along with several documents and academic certifications. All essential documents are listed below.

Best cities of Australia for students

Gold Coast
  • ● Passport
  • ● Australian Student Visa
  • ● Academic transcripts and certifications
  • ● Scorecard of IELTS/TOEFL
  • ● Proof of funds
  • ● LOR and SOP
  • ● GTE (Not asked always)
  • ● Medical and Radiological test certificates
  • ● Penal clearance certificate or Police statement.
  • ● Documents of enrolments or offer letters issued by your university
Student Visa

At last, you'll need a legal student visa to study in Australia. It can be referred to as an official document granting permission to study in another country. Australia only allows students with an Australian student visa. Moreover, the processing of Student visa applications for Australia can be difficult sometimes. Though, we have tried our best and built a way for you. You can apply at Enrol and fulfil your wish to study in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian education system is one of the world's most well-defined systems, and the board is advanced owing to the availability of numerous study programmes for all branches. The best fields to study in Australia can be Law, Finance, Engineering, Art and Creation, Information Technology and all Academics.

  • ● Monash University
  • ● University of Sydney
  • ● James Cook University
  • ● University of Adelaide
  • ● University of Newcastle
  • ● University of Queensland
  • ● University of New South Wales
  • ● University of Western Australia
  • ● University of Technology Sydney

Australia is one of the most popular countries among international students due to its economical academic fees and the earning opportunity it provides to students. The top- ranked universities of Australia also offer many scholarship programs for international students, making it one of the most sought countries for students with merely decent financial backgrounds. The academic fees for bachelor's degree and master's degree are 20,000 – 45,000 AUD/year and 22,000 – 50,000 AUD/year, respectively.

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