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New Zealand


Study in New Zealand

When it comes to world-class education, globally recognized qualifications, and a safe environment to prosper in life, New Zealand naturally comes first to everybody’s mind. With its amazing landscapes and relaxed lifestyle, the country has been slowly and steadily becoming a world-class education hub.

The QS World University Rankings suggests that all the eight universities of New Zealand find themselves in the list of top 3% universities of the world. Due to such a reputation, the country has been attracting many students from around the world to live and study in New Zealand. New Zealand’s universities offer a wide range of undergrad and post-grad educational programs related to engineering, medicine, finance, etc.

Why study in New Zealand

✔ Top-notch learning

✔ An inclusive education system for international students

✔ Wide range of programs, including PhD

✔ Post-study work Visa

✔ Excellent teaching professionals and faculties

✔ Top-ranked universities offering multi-disciplinary courses

Education system of New Zealand

The education system of New Zealand is of top quality, with many institutions constantly making a list of the best universities around the globe. Unlike other countries, New Zealand has ten levels of study in which:

● Level 1-4 comprises the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), the prime qualification of secondary schools, and basic vocal training.

● Level 5-6 comprises sub-degree vocational certificates and diplomas.

● Level 7-10 comprises degrees, graduate, and postgraduate qualifications.

Programs of New Zealand education.

● Diploma programs – 1 to 5 years.

● Associate degrees – 2 years (equivalent certification for first two years of a bachelor's degree)

● Bachelor's degrees – 3 to 4 years for academics; 2 years for professional certification

● Master’s degrees – 1 to 3 years

● Doctorate or PhD. – 5 to 8 years

Student Visa

To study in New Zealand, all the students should essentially have an appropriate student visa. A student visa is a government-approved proof of permission that is needed while studying abroad. Getting a student visa is one of the most important and tiresome tasks that needs to be done to make sure you get admission to abroad universities. To make sure you don’t have to deal with the hassle-bustle of a student visa, we are here to help you out. With Enrol, you can avail one-stop solution for every immigration service. Book a session with Enrol and get your student visa to study in New Zealand without much hassle.

All you need to study in USA

To study in New Zealand, aspirants must have the aforementioned academic and travel documents as well as the documents issued by the institution against the student's application.

Best cities of New Zealand for students

  • ● Passport
  • ● Student Visa Application Form (NZ-1012)
  • ● Application Fee Receipt
  • ● LOR and SOP
  • ● Academic transcripts
  • ● Proof that application can go back to their country on own
  • ● Two Passport size photos
  • ● Fee Receipt
  • ● Proof of English proficiency, i.e., IELTS and TOEFL

Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand houses a quality array of universities. Though options can be certain, they can be referred to as best. Some fields among that options are as follows.
• Management Studies or, say, MBA.
• Machine learning
• Engineering
• Academics
• Finance
• Law

  • ● University of Auckland
  • ● Lincoln University
  • ● University of Otago
  • ● University of Canterbury
  • ● University of Waikato

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